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Curious young straight friends give each other head for the first time, totally nude on the couch. Straight teen boys blow each other on webcam, also do 69.

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  • chubdad 4 years ago

    Love this classic. Bet they did it for money. Probably set up by the guy on the left. he is much more into it and wants to keep it going and takes the lead. so hot.

  • Just watched this again. Damn still one of my favorites. Wish it was better quality.

  • I’d love to join them! It would be a lot of fun!

  • Jeremy_S 6 years ago

    This is one of my all time favorites. I’d love to know what the back story was. Was it a dare? A bet? They were obviously beginners. Did they ever do anything again? Where are they now? The intrigue is part of the appeal.

    • You have said everything that I was thinking. I’d love to see more videos by them!

    • I have the same questions. This video is very old, about 10 years maybe. Despite they were beginners they were very willing. You see in other videos boys are very shy and very disgusted of trying dick, but not these boys.

  • Boycum 7 years ago

    I Love Watching Young Friends Playing… It Is A Reminder Of The Fun Had When I Was Young… Trading Blowjobs Was Great, But Nothing Is Better Than A Sweet 69… My Buddies And I Could Do That For Hours… I Loved Having My Arms Wrapped Around Their Hips Until They Were Ready To Cum… Then I Would Just Hold Their Asses On The Sides To Hold Them Steady As They Came In My Mouth… Then I Would Put My Arms Back Around Them To Feel The Warmth Of Their Hard Body After They Came In My Throat…

  • Best friends with benefits are the best.

  • You can hear them talking. This is so cool!! Are they doing it for money? :> Hot stuff