Young, blond 19 year old twink doing hot fetish ass play with enema, filling his ass with water and shooting water right out of his boy hole. Video of me.

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  • Nice looking boy. I like a guy who cleans himself out for me…….

  • Beautiful boy with a perfect ass, thats all i need 😉

  • Hot boy cunt :3 I’d love to see you do more with it

  • so nice all boys should do enema!

  • Jeremiah 2 years ago

    So round, so proportional, so symmetric is your beautiful butt, your proportioned posterior, your amazing ass. And such a lush pink anus…..a shining bullseye, inviting the eye, then the tongue, …..and more. Can I compare you to a hairy vagina… coarse, so vulgar; but you… refined, so pure, so desirable. Truth is beauty, beauty, (is) truth.

  • Jeremiah 2 years ago

    Great vid. You’re so clean. I’d love to rim your sweet hole ’til you were begging me to fuck you silly. And I then I would fuck your sweet pussy so good and you would love it.

  • Damn, you’re loving that 🙂 Would watch you squirt for hours!

  • hot ass!!!!!

  • Stripe 2 years ago

    Wow, fantastic video!