Horny teen can't resist from wanking and jerks off in front of the webcam with his mom in the other room. His mom comes in and almost catches him jerking.

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  • Bryce 3 years ago

    I fucking LOVE this video, it cracks me up! He’s totally spread eagle pumping away happy as can be… then hears mom come home from work, & reluctantly puts some pants on;
    He seems quasi pissed & resentful, as he has an exchange with his mom… classic teenage script, … And is so brazen & determined to cum, that he actually pulls out his dick a couple times to continue jacking and she’s just in the other room.
    I can’t tell if he ultimately came or not, but he was gonna bust his nut no matter what I guess! (& I do think mom saw something from behind – what do you think? )